Safeguarding Care Needs

What YOU need to know

What YOU need to know

Keeping Care Safe
While SASH is continuing the campaign to save the day centres, Haringey Council is pressing ahead with reviews and reassessments of care and support plans with a view to closing down these services as rapidly as possible. It is likely that these reviews will be carried out by a private firm contracted by Council officers to help them push through their cuts programme. Given that the Council’s priority is not the needs of its most vulnerable residents but the pressures to meet the targets imposed by its drastic cuts budget, these reviews are likely to provoke anxiety and distress. Hence it is vital that users of these services and their families and carers are well prepared for these reviews.

Here are two leaflets, produced by Save Autism Services Haringey and the Social Care Alliance Haringey to assist users and carers facing review or reassessment of care needs.

  •  ‘Care Act for Users & Carers‘ indicates what Haringey Council’s Adult Services officers and the assessors are expected to do under the Care Act 2014 when they prepare for and carry out each assessment. The Act and the associated Legal Guidance places specific duties on the Council and any organisation it commissions to carry out assessments and this leaflet outlines the rights of service users and carers that are protected under the Act. If the assessor does not follow the Act properly the assessment may be unlawful and invalid.

Download (DOCX, 109KB)


  • Score Your Assessor‘ is a simple summary of the first leaflet and lists 10 things the assessor should – and in most cases must – do in the assessment. Tick each of these with a Yes or No and send the scores back to SASH.

Download (DOCX, 97KB)

These leaflets may also be of use to families who have a son or daughter with special needs who is approaching 18 and about to go through transition to adult services. They may also be helpful for adult users (or carers), who are due to have an annual review later this year.

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