Guardian Letters on Haringey

Readers write in to the Guardian on Haringey Council


SASH and others in the Guardian’s Letters, on Haringey

Concerned readers, along with SASH, have featured in The Guardian’s Letters on the subject of the latest round of savage cuts to public services and the much derided Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV) being pushed by the council.

SASH’s Mary Langan wrote of the anger felt by residents in the borough over the HDV and Osborne Grove nursing home – now slated to close following Haringey Council’s previous promise to keep it open;

Faced with protests by families affected by social care cuts, carers, unions and local campaigners, council leaders have always put up the barricades and called in the private security guards. Come May 2018, they will have to face their electorate and stand to account for the wholesale destruction of vital local services.

Read the full letter and section on The Guardian’s website.


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