Carers’ Leader Vida Black Speaks Out

Vida Black, Carers’ Furom Chair, and her son Claude

Carers’ Forum leader tells the council about the impact of the closure of the day centres – recently published in the Ham&High;


Skilled carers feel ignored

Vida Black, full address supplied, writes:

I am writing about your story on the Haringey cuts to support for vulnerable people. I am the chairman of the Haringey Carers Forum (learning disabilities and autism).

The council has never listened to family carers.

They ignored us when we raised our concerns about the impact of cutting the day centres.

Many people who are autistic or have learning disabilities were sent to out-of-borough day centres. But what is the sense of closing down all the day centres in Haringey and sending these people to other borough if there is no need for day centres?

Haringey had some very experienced care workers, skilled staff with expertise in supporting people with autism.

But some of these out-of-borough day centres cannot cope with autistic people who have challenging behaviour.

We know about cases where autistic people have been expelled from out-of-borough day centres, which is very distressing and puts stress on the family carers.

If only Haringey Council could understand what these carers are going through, they would make the right decision and bring back the day centres in Haringey.

During the council elections in May all the candidates promised to restore the day centres and review adult social care.

But now they have been elected, adult social care is not their priority any more, which is very sad.

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