A brief guide to Haringey-speak

We urgently need you in the next few days.

A SASH guide to some of the terms commonly used by Haringey Council and what they actually mean…

aspirational rhetoric                harsh reality
savings cuts
agile workforce mass redundancies
transformation decimation
enablement/reablement look after yourself/get someone to look after you
growth decline
not managing decline managing decline
we have to live within our means  you have to live with our cuts
partnership disconnection
resilience vulnerability
empowerment victimhood
inclusion exclusion
independence isolation, marginalisation
facilitate, encourage complicate, discourage
step change deterioration
value for money money for private contractors
vision opportunism
ideals pragmatism
sense of purpose cynicism
Building a stronger Haringey together Making the most vulnerable pay the price
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  1. anyone serious about changing the situation would join the Labour Party and throw the liberals in it out.It’s simple maths, to unseat the present careerist self serving liberals in Labours clothing would take the convincing of thousands to change their votes while to unseat a councillor from within the party merely dozens.

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