Stop Cuts in Haringey Services for Vulnerable People

A week before Christmas, Haringey Council announced plans for drastic cuts in services that will particularly affect people with autism, learning difficulties and other complex needs.

Planned cuts include:

  • Closure of 3 of the 4 day centres for people with learning disabilities/autism;
  • Closure of Linden Road residential home;
  • Reductions in spending on individual care packages for vulnerable adults of just under £10m (around a fifth of the budget);
  • Reduction in the number of social workers by a quarter;
  • Removal of council funding for daytime activities for people living in residential homes and supported housing.

The Council’s Corporate Plan is entitled ‘Building a Stronger Haringey Together’. Help us to make sure that a stronger Haringey is not built on the backs of the weakest people in the borough.


Our Campaign

The Autism Working Group is campaigning on these issues of vital concern to individuals with autism and learning disabilities and their families and carers.

  • Cuts: We are proposing that Haringey suspend all proposed cuts in services pending an inquiry into alternative means of meeting budget constraints.
  • Care packages: We are asking for a commitment to making no changes to care packages without comprehensive assessment of needs.
  • Consultation: We want a longer consultation period – because of the Christmas holiday period, the current process last only 19 working days.